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It is possible to turn in many work direction. You can help us to choose the right way by filling in the web form below. Please check the boxes, indicating the directions, that seems for you the most important.

Some features were frequently voted and now are implemented. I added several new ideas.

Update mechanism

Reducing the update size by transferring only differences between the changed files.

Possibility to upgrade (separately) multiple modules of your project, each having individual version number (this would need a version compatibility table).

Chained updates. If you release more often than the user activates autoupdate (or if the user have just installed a very old version), the complete update requires a separete update session for each "intermediate" release. Do you think that it is important to download all intermediate .jars during a single session, updating to the newest version in one step?

Client side

Auto update JButton and JMenuItem. It would be a classes, delivered from JButton and JMenuItem, that you can add to the tool bar of your application. Selecting them would open autoupdate dialog. Auto update button could also change icon if the new update is available (see below).

Automated regular checking if the update is available.

Possibility to restart the updated application.

Possibility to update the stableUpdate itself (currently the autoupdate.jar cannot be updated while running its internal classes).

Resume the interrupted update download skipping the already downloaded part.

Developer side

Automated ftp and sftp upload of the generated updates.

More comprehensive documentation

Server side

Currently StableUpdate only needs http protocol from the server. The following features would be possible after implementing additional server-side code in java (servlet) or php:

Monitor the number of updates for each version.

Monitor cases when updates were uninstalled. If multiple users refuse the update, it should be something wrong with it.

Initially limit the number of updated applications. If you hear angry shrieks from the randomly chosen limited part of users, do not release the update for wider public.

The features below were implemented or enhances following your requests. Check them if you think that the further work in this direction is necessary.

Enhanced. Easier and more automated release of the new updates

Enhanced. Easier end-user interface (for the person who is performing the update of your application).

Implemented. Inreasing security. In stableUpdate, configuration file is separated from the actual update .jar file. The configuration file contains checksums, ensuring, that the update content has not been changed.

If you want, give us your name or the url of your project or use this field to specify the needed feature, not listed above: